HR Advisory for SMEs  


Providing HR solutions to small and mid-sized businesses to drive growth. 
The COVID-19 crisis has shaken the world economy. HR has been at the forefront of this, supporting businesses to navigate a complex world of working from home, managing people remotely, putting staff on furlough, looking after wellbeing and productivity etc. Now more than ever, businesses need people to perform well to achieve success. 
According to a recent article, putting people first is core to the success of your business, especially post-COVID.  
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"People not process" Just simple strategies so that you have everything in place to get on with running your business and making it a success, including HR systems software and support with Wellbeing initiatives. 

HR set up and documentaion 

We will carry out an audit and help you to put in place legally compliant HR policies and processes. If you are just starting out, this gives you piece of mind so you can get on with growing your business. We will also help you to ensure that your people structure is fit for purpose. 

Recruitment and Onboarding 

We will help you to hire the right people and provide advice on how to get them onboard, feel part of the team and belong from Day one. 
This includes looking at job profiles and ensuring that you have the right people in place. 

Training and Coaching  

We will provide relevant training for managers and staff such as ‘Handling difficult conversations’. 

Employee relations 

HR advice helps you deal with staffing issues such as sickness absence, grievances and disciplinaries in line with the latest legislation to avoid complex issues which may end up in a tribunal. 


We will provide relevant training for managers and staff on maintaining their wellbeing.  
With experience as Certified Wellness Ambassadors, we can help you put in place Wellbeing initiatives and training for your workplace. 

Performance management 

How do you manage performance especially if staff are working remotely? We will advise on the latest techniques to ensure you get the best out of everyone. 

CV writing , Career coaching and Life Coaching 

Bespoke CV writing, job application and interview help and advice 
Life coaching to help you achieve your potential 
Did you know that recruiters spend less than 30 seconds on a CV when sifting through application forms? 
Is your CV getting you those interviews? Are you ready for the post-COVID world of work? 
Are you at a crossroads and unsure about what career direction you need to take? 
We can help you move from confusion to clarity. 
We are committed to helping individuals to achieve their career goals. You will benefit from Career coaching using the most up to date tools to help you assess your strengths and gain clarity to further your career. 
You will: 
• get a clear picture of your strengths and areas for development so that you can develop your full potential 
• gain confidence in preparing for job interviews and bag that dream role 
We will then craft a CV that will help you stand ahead of the competition and make the shortlist. 
We will also help with job application and interview advice. With a unique blend of experience from teaching and HR, you will benefit an excellent track record of nurturing potential and helping people secure their dream roles. 

Job Hunting: Myths, Secrets and Truths: Why some candidates are more successful than others by Willorna Brock 

Job hunting: Myths, Secrets and Truths contains all you need to be successful in your job hunt. It is presented in an easy to read, digestible format, with a holistic approach to job-hunting including tips on how to look after your mental wellbeing during the process. 
Willorna Brock is passionate about careers and lifelong learning. This book is beneficial to every jobseeker, especially people starting out in their careers and those wanting a refresh. 
Willorna provides an honest, down to earth account of the job-hunting process, sharing hints and tips for the entire journey. From preparing your application to preparing for Day one in your new role, so you can be destined for success and not have to job hunt for a while. 
The book also includes advice based on real-life scenarios that people experience during the process. The “myths”, “secrets”, and “truths” …. the facts that no one really tells you. Willorna shares some of her wit and humour in the content, because sometimes “the struggle is real’ and you have to laugh to stay sane. 

Goshenn HR in the Community 

Goshenn HR has a strong commitment to helping young people’s development especially in the employability and life skills arena. Current and previous work include: 
• Mayor of London 'Careers Champion', working with school leaders to prepare young Londoners for the world of work 
• CV writing and career coaching workshops 
• Mentor, CIPD Steps Ahead 
• Mentor, Peagie Woobay Scholarship Fund for Girls 
• Kingston College Employability Skills week 
• Lecturer, Educaid Sierra Leone 
• Fit for the Future, a masterclass for parents and children 

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