HR Advisory 
"Smiling Through Light focuses on clean energy access. We work with a network of women to provide clean, reliable and sustainable energy through the sales of solar products. As a start-up company we understand the importance of learning and working effectively with our team to achieve the business objectives. 
We have been working with Goshenn HR since the initial stages of our recruitment and has provided us with the guidance and road-map to move the business from a founder to now a team of 15 in 12 months. Goshenn HR has helped us to understand that our staff should be the core of our business ensuring that we have a clear recruitment process including induction, organisational policies, staff contracts, staff handbook, performance review forms, skills gap analysis and excellent internal processes and systems. This transition has increased our company’s value, making us more competitive in the marketplace and to our funders and investors. Most importantly, we have an excellent team who are equipped with the right skills, learning and development. Working with Goshenn HR and going through the whole process has ensured that the business has low staff turnover and understand the benefits of having such effective processes and policies in place. All this was done in a cost-effective and scalable way. 
Working with Willorna Brock has been a joy, she understands HR and that every business is different no matter on the size. Everything she does is personalised to each business in a fair and equitable manner making the work more transparent and valuable. She is so passionate about her work and wants everyone to understand that for any business to grow, survive and make profits the team plays a major role. She has helped us better inspire our staff by putting systems in place for employee feedback and recognition programmes that have all paid off. Thank you Willorna for all your guidance, we know with all your expertise the company will grow to be known globally because of what the team has to say." 
Mariama Kamara, Founder & Director, Smiling Through Light 
Career Coaching 
"About 3 years ago, fresh out of Goldsmiths university I was looking for a profession and was feeling helpless. That was when I was introduced to Willorna Brock , I explained my situation to her, at the time I wanted to go for a career I deemed as the safest career option, with an average or minimum salary. 
Willorna read through my CV, qualifications, achievements and my skills, she explained that I actually do have lots of transferable skills as a result of freelancing and running a media start-up. She advised me to write down what drives me and what I actually like doing, and we came to a conclusion that one of the career paths I could take, should be in Marketing. 
Few weeks down the line, I enrolled for a Digital Marketing course and landed my first job for a manufacturing and distributing company as a Digital Marketing apprentice . About a year and a half later, I now work for a software development company as a professional Digital Marketing Executive. Her guidance, coaching and professional support has been the bedrock of my career, for that I am forever grateful. 
Willorna Brock puts in a lot of effort to ensure that you succeed in your job hunt and developing a career path. She is a coach, a mentor and a therapist. I definitely would recommend her." 
Abiola Bankole, Digital Marketing Executive and Brand Strategist, Founder and CEO Afrokanist Magazine 

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